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Testimonies 生徒の声



Ena, 12yrs (2023)

I have been talking violin lessons from Ms. Dolores for the past four years. Ms. Dolores has helped me improve my violin playing in many ways. Her teaching style is engrossing. She has taught me vibrato and some upper positions which help me out in my school orchestra.  She finds fun-to-play pieces for me from time to time, she also helps me with complicated rhythms and pieces from my school! This year she helped me practice for the regional orchestra auditions and make it into their selections. Overall, she has really helped me progress through my journey as a beginner violinist, and I look forward to growing even more!

Jaidev, 12yrs (2023)

English Violin and Piano Lessons in Tokyo


The Derksen International School of Violin and Piano is a way to learn music in Tokyo without the language barrier that comes from living in a country not your own. This is ideal for students who want to build a solid foundation in violin/piano technique and musicianship but are concerned about finding a teacher that can fulfill their language needs. So whether you're a visitor just temporarily in Tokyo in need of lessons, or perhaps speak Japanese but just want to improve your English, DISVP is the place for you! The first lesson will be a 30 minute free trial lesson, and after that you can decide whether you want to enroll. Lessons take place in your home or o


 Lessons are taught by Dolores Derksen, a 2018 graduate of Meadows School of the Arts, where she was under the tutelage of Emanuel Borok and David Karp.

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